Stories Are Told About His Kentucky Fried Chicken and Colonel – Things You Should Know About

Stories are told about his Kentucky Fried Chicken and Colonel Sanders, it’s not possible to know where the truth ends and also the fiction begins. This is one of those stories. A mixture of mystery, memory and a pinch of what? It entails among the man who’s most likely the celebrity chef, and the best kept secrets of time. No source was found for this media. Today, the Colonel was resurrected as a caricature interpreted by the likes of Jim Gaffigan and George Hamilton. But, as many people recall, the Colonel was a white man named. For decades, The Colonel was synonymous with finger lickin poultry coated in a blend of 11 spices and herbs string ties and snow colored suits.

Efforts replicate it, or to unearth the Colonel’s Original Recipe, have been made to count. For KFC Corp., maintaining the elusive mixture of 11 spices and herbs under wraps was predominant let alone a great promotional tool. Protective measures include using two distinct providers to prepare herbs and the 11 spices that the code cans crack. Feeding to the mystique, the recently renovated KFC website,, includes a Colonel Sanders character stating he is finally ready to tell the world what is in the recipe. Just as he is concerning to spill the beans, the sound malfunctions and also an out of order sign pops up on the screen.

The recipe is, without question, a secret as juicy as well fried fowl and also it was with the better part of a century. Therefore, imagine my surprise when a list of 11 spices and herbs was ripped from a Sanders family scrapbook and also placed to my hands. Crazy, right? Let me explain. Our story begins with my trip to the little town of Corbin, Ky., where the Colonel first served his poultry more than 75 years ago to hungry motorists at the service station that he ran. His namesake restaurant has now been restored to its mid-twentieth century appearance, but with a present Day KFC shop as an appendage.

The 67 year old retired tutor Has spent his whole life in Appalachia. He still lives in the home wherein grew up, just north of the city limits of Corbin, a city of about 7, 300. He agrees to meet me to share a few yarns concerning the Colonel. You see, the man he called H.D. And Old Man Sanders was his uncle. Ledington says that he used to do chores in the modest cafe as a young child, making a quarter a day to sweep and also clean up. I enter the dark paneled restaurant lit by naked fluorescent tubes and also find Ledington leafing through a photos album.

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